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Syllabi - Click to View (BOLDFACE Courses are completed Syllabi)


Advanced Placement US History-Manley, M
Advanced Biology-Brunn, E
Advanced Chemistry-O'Neill, K
Advanced Placement Environmental Science -Cross, R
Algebra 1-Zhang, Q
Algebra 1-Derenberger-Kuhn, T
Algebra 2-Maciolek, G
Algebra 2-Berecz, J
Algebra I-Gerwitz Dunn, J
Algebra2/Trigonometry-Swiech, B
Anatomy & Physiology-Brunn, E
AP Biology-Brunn, E
AP English Language and Composition-Falcone, G
AP Literature & Composition-Ward, A
AP World History: Modern -Proctor-Szilagyi, A
Architectural Design/CAD-Sedita, M
Career Financial Management - Part-A-Mirand, C
Comp Tech 12 Computer Sci 2 -Hux, K
Computer Science 1-Ziewers, M
Computer Tech 10 (AP - "SMART SCHOLARS")-Westfall, C
Computer Tech 10 (NON-AP)-Westfall, C
DDP-Houston-Greene, L
Design Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) 9th Grade-Zimmermann, F
Design/Drawing for Production-Sedita, M
Design/Drawing for Production-Sedita, M
Economics-DeCarolis, L
Economics-DeCarolis, L
Economics [Grade 12]-Jakiel, J
Electrical Engineering 11-Kean, B
Electrical Engineering 12-Kean, B
Engineering CAD 12-Stumpf, D
Engineering Lab 10 - Advanced Manufacturing-Heftka, C
English 1-Sercu, M
English 11 and English 12 - Differentiated-Fitzpatrick, D
English 3-Waller, A
English 3R-Falcone, G
English 4-Ward, A
English 9/10-Fitzpatrick, D
English I-Laranjo, H
English I-Colligan, S
English II-Gomez, A
English II-Snekser, J
English III-Snekser, J
English IV-Russo, K
Environmental Science-O'Neill, K
French 1, 2, 3-Obot, I

Geometry-Nemeth, M
Geometry -Cavanaugh, J
Geometry-Zhang, Q
Global 10 20-21-Bulan, S
Global 9-DeCarolis, L
Global 9 & 10, US History, and Economics-DeCarolis, L
Global 9 20-21-Bulan, S
Global History & Geography 10-Proctor-Szilagyi, A
Global History & Geography 10 (R)-Jost, T
Global History 9-Dickerson, R
Health-Mogavero, M
Health 9th-Burruano, J
Health 9th-Burruano, J
Health Class -Truilizio, A
Health class with Mr. Grine-Grine, A
Italian II & III-Lojacono, P
JROTC-Abramowitz, C
JROTC-Frazier, S
JROTC 3/4-Abramowitz, C
JROTC2-Frazier, S
LAB for Regent's Biology-Bartholomew-Williams, B
Math Academic Intervention Services (AIS)-Derenberger-Kuhn, T
Participation In Government [Grade 12]-Jakiel, J
Phys. ed. with Mr. Grine-Grine, A
Physical Education-Truilizio, A
Physics Lab-Mayle, J
Physics--General -Mayle, J
Precalculus-Jankowski, B
Regents Biology-Gerber, H
Regent's Biology- 9th Grade Living Environment-Bartholomew-Williams, B
Regents Biology Lab-Gibson, B
Regents Biology Lab-Cross, R
Regents Biology Lab-Cross, R
Regents Biology-Living Environment-Cross, R
Regents Chemistry-MacCallum, G
Regents Chemistry-Bachwitz, P
Regents Chemistry Laboratory-MacCallum, G
Regents Physics-Cirpili, S
Social Studies 12 Participation in Government-Gibson, K
Spanish 3-Soto-Krueger, G
Spanish 4 / Spa 201 (Dual Credit)-Soto-Krueger, G
U.S. History -Powers, S



The Buffalo Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, religious practice, national origin, ethnic group, sex (including sexual harassment and sexual violence), gender identity, sexual orientation (the term "sexual orientation" means heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or asexuality ), political affiliation, age, marital status, military status, veteran status, disability, weight, domestic violence victim status, arrest or conviction record, genetic information or any other basis prohibited by New York state and/or federal non-discrimination laws in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding the District's non-discrimination policies should be directed to or to:  

Jamie Warren, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Civil Rights Compliance Officer
727 City Hall Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 816-3579