Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Engineering CAD 12

Instructor: Mr. Stumpf            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23         Phone Ext: 318


Grading Policy

The following categories are used to determine the course grades:

Pre-Tests (0%) are used to assess student base knowledge on content and course basics.

Engagement (10%) points are earned through course participation. Examples of engagement activities include, but are not limited to, homework, participation in lesson formative questioning, notebook entries and lesson check-in participation.

Technical Hand Sketches (15%) are free hand sketches used to visualize CAD work and projects prior to their application in the software.

Assessments (20%) are composed of all quizzes, tests, and post-assessments.

Projects (25%) are either written based research papers, oral presentations, or creativity-based hands on activities.

CAD Work (30%) includes the content that composes the main concepts of our course. CAD Work activities will allow students to showcase and demonstrate knowledge of CAD techniques, features and concepts learned through daily lessons.

All CAD work, projects, technical hand sketches, tests and written assignments will be graded using a 100-point system rubric. Some quizzes, basic skill acquisition and participation activities will be based on a 20-point system. Every grade-book entry will use a rubric that will be attached to each assignment in Schoology.

Late work can always be made up. All work is always available in Schoology. There is a slight penalty for late work. For excused absences, the student can make up the work upon returning to school if the student communicates the absence was legal. A new due date will be communicated to wave late points.



Homework Policy

Our course is a double period class, so we meet for a little over an hour and a half. Most of the course work is expected to be completed during class times. However limited homework can be expected to be assigned from time to time.



Test Policy

All tests will be based on either a 100-point average. If a test is missed the student must make up that assessment on their own time. That may or may not include class time. Tests are typically assigned as a post unit assessment and will be announced at least a day ahead of time.



Quiz Policy

All quizzes will be based on either a 20- or 100-point average. If a quiz is missed the student must make up that assessment on their own time. That may or may not include class time. Quizzes are typically assigned as a post lesson assessment and will be displayed along with all lesson and CAD Work activities.




Please see my Schoology class website for all course projects. All lessons, projects and assignments can be accessed from there.



Course Outline

The Engineering CAD 12 course provides students the fundamental skills needed to apply 3D parametric modeling CAD design techniques to the engineering product design process that is typically used in manufacturing. Students will be exposed to the world of rapid prototyping and manufacturing through problem-based design projects. Students will document this process along the way through published files that include 2D Drawings, Renderings, 3D animations, technical design briefs and oral presentations.

Basic and essential skills will include shape forms, visualization, design intent, technical hand sketching, feature command applications, parametric component assemblies, standard as well as metric units all related to 3D parametric modeling. Students will document work through 2D drawing details, with appropriate scale, orthographic projections, isometric pictorials, utilizing basic dimensioning schemes and standards. Introduction to the engineering design process to create designs for specific problems. Technical writing and research projects with presentation skill building. Simple 3D printed rapid prototyping assemblies. Designing with intent for the engineering design process.

Finally students will be prepared to take their CAD based national assessment to complete their major and receive their technical endorsement on their diploma upon graduation.

Basic Supply List:
Box of pencils
Good quality white or black eraser (not pink, they smudge)
Box of BLACK ink pens
8x10 or 9x12 spiral bound sketch book

*** I also suggest buying a three button computer mouse ***