Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global History & Geography 10 (R)

Instructor: Thomas Jost            Contact Time: 8:57-9:38 or 10:27-11:08         Phone Ext: 1411


Grading Policy
With the change to remote learning class participation becomes a major element in your grade. Class participation includes:

--contributing verbally to class discussions by raising your hand & unmuting yourself
--contributing to class by adding a comment/question into the "chat."
--completing ungraded classwork

Class participation will count for 25% of your term grade.

Other sources of grades include:

--Vocab quizzes (39 of these during the year usually 10 points)
--Chapter Tests (about 12 of these during the year 40-60 points)
--Unit Tests (One per marking period. Worth 100 points)
--Graded classwork
--Extra credit may be earned occasionally in class. Election Day will definitely be one such opportunity.



Homework Policy
Assignments always contain a specific time when due--usually (but not always) by 11:59pm of the day assigned. NO LATE HOMEWORKS accepted.

Homework assignments may change if our textbooks (World History: Patterns of Interaction by McDougal & Littell) become available. These texts are currently held by last year's sophomores.



Test Policy
See Quiz Policy above.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes & Tests are discussed above. Any attempt on the part of a student to share information with another student will result in a grade of zero for that quiz/test.



It is my hope that the Global Project that I have done every year since 2004 can continue. The project will include:

--Student research
--A 2-minute presentation by the student
--A "prop" that is shared by the student during their presentation
--5 questions from me specifically for that particular project topic.

Typically the projects are researched/written in Nov-Dec and presented the first week of January.



Course Outline
Course Outline

In the last few years Global History & Geography 10 has undergone changes to its New York State Regents exam. The exam now contains ONLY material from Global 10. The format of the exam has also dramatically changed, reflecting a deeper understanding of the material and the tools students are required to use. Global History is built on the premise that we live in an interdependent world and that no nation can isolate itself from the world. What happens in other nations impacts our lives and the way we live.

Course Units

UNIT 5 (Absolutism & Revolution)

o Absolutism
o Enlightenment
o Scientific Revolution
o French Revolution
o Nationalism

UNIT 6 (Industrial Age & Empire Building)

o Industrial Revolution
o Rise of Democracy
o Imperialism

UNIT 7 (World at War)

o World War I
o Rusian Revolution
o Rise of Dictators
o World War II

UNIT 8 (Global Age)

o Cold War
o Colonial Independence
o Challenges to Global Security