Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global 9 20-21

Instructor: Stuart. Bulan            Contact Time: 12:27-1:08         Phone Ext: 1405


Grading Policy
Grading is simple. I use the total points system, broken down as follows:
50% Class work/ homework
30% Tests/quizzes/projects
20% Class Participation



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned at least two times a week.



Test Policy
Tests will take place after each unit of study



Quiz Policy
Quizzes will take take place on weekly basis.



Projects will assigned throughout the year.



Course Outline
Unit 1 Ancient World: Civilizations and Religions
Early Peoples and River civilizations
Classical Civilizations
Rise and Fall of Empires
Belief Systems
Unit 2 Expanding Zones of Exchange
The Gupta Empire of India
The Early Dynasties of China
The Byzantine Empire and Russia
Islamic Civilization
Medieval Europe
The Crusades
Unit 3 Global Interactions
Early Japan and Feudalism
The Mongols
Global Trade
The Resurgence of Europe
African Civilizations
Unit 4 The First Global Age
The Ming Dynasty
The Ottomans
Exploration and Conquest
Absolutism and the Puritan Revolution