Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Economics

Instructor: Lori DeCarolis            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53 or 8:57-9:38         Phone Ext: 1421


Grading Policy
Students' averages are based on grades earned from quizzes, tests, bell work, homework and class work and projects.
Lowest grade for each marking period will be dropped (waived).



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned at least twice a week and is due on the due date (normally the following day).

Legally absent students will be allowed to make up their assignments.






Course Outline
Unit 1 Introduction to Economics
1. The Meaning of Economics
2. The Development of Economics
3. Resources are used to produce goods and services
4. Three Basic Questions

Unit 2 The Market System
1. Supply and Demand in the Market
2. Prices are set in the Market
3. Competition in the Market
4. Incomes are Spent in the Market

Unit 3 American Economy at Work
1. Freedoms in a Free Enterprise System
2. The Role of the Consumer
3. Types of Businesses
4. The Role of Business
5. The Role of Organized Labor

Unit 4 Economic Growth
1. Reasons for Economic Growth
2. Business Cycles
3. Money and Banking
4. The Federal Reserve System

Unit 5 Government Role in Economics
1. Government Laws and Rules for Business
2. Government Laws to Protect Consumers and Workers
3. Government Spending
4. World Trade

Unit 6 The Free Enterprise System
1. Jobs in the Free Enterprise System
2. Using Income Wisely
3. Spending, Saving, and Borrowing
4. Taxation