Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Engineering Lab 10 - Advanced Manufacturing

Instructor: Craig Heftka            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23         Phone Ext: 1204


Grading Policy
Grades for this course are determined by:

Quizzes - 10% Once students have been taught to read the ruler to the nearest 1/32" there will be a daily ruler quiz to start the class session.

Class Participation - 20% - Checking to see if students are engaged in the proper class material. Done visually when working on projects, Exit tickets, or Schoology discussion posts. Points range from 2-6pts daily.

Classwork - 25% - Handouts, Playposit or Nearpod videos, and quick writes.

Projects - 30% - sketches, CAD drawings, Posters, Research Paper, and models made in class using various tools & machines.

Tests - 15% - open note - used to check for understanding on a project outline.



Homework Policy
Homework is not necessarily assigned daily unless a student fails to complete a class handout during the double period of class.



Test Policy
Tests will be 10-20 questions long, typically open note, and based on project outlines. All tests are in Schoology and are accessible at the beginning of the students scheduled class period. Students who miss the test on the scheduled date will need to take the test ASAP. All tests will remain open to take until the end of the marking period.

**Students may retake the test until Mastery is achieved.



Quiz Policy
Ruler quizzes are daily until mastery is performed by the entire class. They are in schoology and are accessible for all students to take at the beginning of their scheduled class period. Students who miss a quiz have up until the end of the marking period to complete it. There will be a zero and a missing assignment added to infinite campus.



All projects assigned will have a project outline that details out the project, grading, due dates, and a overview.



Course Outline
By the end of the Semester (2 marking periods):

1. Students will be able to Demonstrate with mastery proper shop safety.

2. Students will be able to Demonstrate with mastery how to read a ruler to the nearest 1/32.

3. Students will be able to accurately Create, Read, and Interpret shop drawings/ Blue Prints:
a. Produce and explain what an orthographic drawing is.
b. Produce and explain what an isometric drawing is.
c. Generate missing views from impartial drawings.
d. List several different types of blueprints.

4. Students will be able to Demonstrate how to draw in AutoCAD
a. Demonstrate how to use basic commands.
b. Apply basic dimensions to drawings.
c. Create a Titleblock with their own Logo.
d. Understand model space & layout.

5. Students will be able to Perform shop math:
a. Addition/ subtraction of fractions & decimals.
b. Multiplication/ Division of fractions & decimals.
c. Calculate distance, area, and volume.

6. Students will Construct projects using the following tools/ equipment:
a. Various hand tools (hand drill, files, tap & die sets, etc)
b. Drill Press
c. Band Saw
d. Lathe
e. Milling machine
f. Sanders
g. CNC Mill

7. Students will be able to Generate a Bill of Material & a Cut list.

8. Students will be able to Explain the design process.

9. Students will be able to Explain what tolerance is.