Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Physics--General

Instructor: Mr. Mayle            Contact Time: 11:12-11:53         Phone Ext: 1404


Grading Policy
Grade: Your grade will consist of assignments (H.W., class work, tests, and quizzes (75%)) and performance(see below(25%)).

Attendance: In order to be successful in ANY classroom you must be in attendance. This is especially true for my class because I do a lot of hands-on activities that really canít be made up at home. For my class there will be an attendance policy. I understand that emergencies and/or illnesses come up, so the policy for my class is that you may miss 3 classes a marking period with no penalty, after that for each day missed you will be penalized Ĺ a point off your final average for the marking period.

Performance: Being in class is very important, but equally important is being on task doing what you should be doing while in the classroom. Each day you will be graded on how well you performed in class. This daily performance grade will be averaged into your final grade. The easiest way to look at this is that this is an EASY way to maintain a respectable average.







Course Outline
I Mechanics
II Properties of Matter
III Heat
IV Sound and Light
V Electricity and Magnetism
VI Atomic and Nuclear Physics