Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global History 9

Instructor: Mr. Dickerson            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1403


Grading Policy
Students will be grades in each of the following categories: Classwork, Homework, Tests/quizzes, and Projects/Participation.



Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned 3 nights a week. All work must be completed in full to get maximum credit. Assignments may be turned in late at a reduced score. Help is available every day at 7:05 am and Mon-Wed-Fri (by appointment after school.)



Test Policy
Tests will be given after the completion of every chapter in the five units of study for the course. Common assessments will be given quarterly for major themes as directed by the district.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes will be given in class related to topics from classwork, homework and vocabulary and concepts.



Projects will be assigned related to the district portfolio, and other topics current and related to topics found throughout the course of study



Course Outline
Unit 1 Ancient World Civilizations and Religions
Unit 2 Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter
Unit 3 Global Interactions (1200-1650)
Unit 4 The First Global Age (1450-1770)