Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Precalculus

Instructor: Mrs. Jankowski            Contact Time: 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1319


Grading Policy
Tests/Quizzes 80%
Homework/Classwork 20 %



Homework Policy
Homework/Classwork is assigned daily.
No late assignments will be accepted.
Every assignment will be checked for completeness as follows:
2 points = all work is shown, the assignment is complete,
1 point = the assignment is partially complete, and work is shown,
0 points = work is NOT shown; the assignment is not turned in on time!



Test Policy
They will be announced in advance.
All missed assessments have to be made up.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes are given weekly and they are unannounced.
All missed assessments have to be made up.






Course Outline
M1: Complex Numbers and Transformations (9/8-11/5)
M2: Vectors and Matrices (11/8-1/14)
M3: Rational and Exponential Functions (1/18-3/18)
M4: Trigonometry (3/21-4/29)
M5: Probability and Statistics (5/2-6/10)