Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Spanish 4 / Spa 201 (Dual Credit)

Instructor: Ms. Soto-Krueger            Contact Time: 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1441


Grading Policy
Grading Policy

Your grade is calculated as follows:
45%- Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects)
35%- class work and homework
20%- Effort and class participation



Homework Policy

Rating scale: 10 (Always), 9-8 (Most of the time), 7-6 (Sometimes), 6-5(Rarely), 4-1(Almost never)

Description: During the past week, this student:
• was clearly well prepared for class.
• participated actively in Spanish, volunteering to answer questions and share ideas.
• stayed on task and used practice time wisely.



Test Policy
Assessments: An assessment will be given at the end of each unit. Tests will have a variety of formats including any combination of written, listening, and oral assessment. Oral presentations, written compositions, and/or research projects may also be assigned for a quiz or test grade.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes: In order to assess how you are progressing, quizzes will be given frequently on material that has been covered in class. Remember, proper preparation prevents a poor performance.



See course outline



Course Outline
Review of grammar patterns and structures of the language.
A. Intense training in the spoken language, including further development of vocabulary.
B. Practice in writing composition exercises based on the lessons in the textbook.
C. Cultural background as included in textbook readings and other materials, including from the internet.
The instructor may adjust content, assignments, and due dates to accommodate changing needs during the session. When preparing for class, read and study the required material and complete activities assigned by the instructor prior coming to class.
• Online Textbook Imagina, 3rd Edition.
• Log in to and find the class link (304 Hutch Tech)
• Create an account (make sure you remember your password)
Other Web-site Resources:
• Each week students will have a quiz on unit vocabulary. They will use this website to master the spelling and definition of each word.
• This is another review website the students will use in particular to master grammar and vocabulary.
Materials needed for IN PERSON CLASSES ONLY:
• 1-Three ring binder with loose leaf paper for class assignments and handouts. Classwork, notes and vocabulary should be neatly separated
• Pens (blue or black ink only, please!)

Contact information:
• School phone: 816-3888 ext. 1441
• Email
• Send me a message through Schoology (click on the envelope on the top right side of your screen; click on New Message)

Syllabus Spanish IV (Tentative Schedule)
-1st Marking Period/Sept 8th –Nov 12th

Week 1 September 8th -September 10th
Wed. 8th. Welcome to Spanish 4. Brief introduction to the course
Thursday 9th Syllabus. Questionnaire

Friday 10th Self-assessment. I can statements from Spanish 1, 2, and 3

Week 2 September 13th –September 17th
Classroom commands.

Expressions to ask questions to your teacher in Spanish. (May I go to the bathroom etc)

Expressions your teacher will use in the classroom (raise your hand; repeat please etc)

Week 3 September 20st_ September 24th

1. Review Technology in Spanish class (9/20)
2. Introduction to the class resources. How to create an account on VHL. (9/21)
Review. Personal Identification.
Textbook Scavenger Hunt (Schoology) Due 9/20
Introduce yourself. (Name, address etc.) Due 09/24

Week 4 September 27th _October 1st
Review: it is expected that students will review the following topics:
Vocabulary from your previous language classes that are required to be successful in this course: Personal ID, Education, Leisure and Sports, Food, Meal Taking, Family, House and Home, Shopping, Health and Welfare, Daily Routine, Community, Neighborhood, Public and Private Services, Physical Environment, Travel, Celebrations, Journalism, Current Events, Earning a Living
Grammar: What tenses are used for the past? How is the present tense used? What tenses are used for the future?
Whole class review activities on challenging topics. Students will use the review folder on Schoology to address their individual needs. I will be available during asynchronous instruction for extra help.

PowerPoint or Prezi presentation: ¿cómo eres?

Week 5 October 4th – October 8th
Continue Review: Personal Identification and Indicative
Reading: Biography of Pablo Neruda; Poema #20
Speaking: My daily routine.
Writing: Letter format.

Week 6 October 11th –October 15th
Global challenges. Students will be introduced to vocabulary and expressions dealing with social, political and environmental challenges. Students will be exposed to formal and informal speech, and writing within these situations.
Reading: Hispanics in the USA (Vhl chapter 1) 10/14
Project: Interview a person in your community who immigrated to USA. (10 questions minimum) Due date 10/16/2020

Week 7 October 18th –October 22rd
1. Global challenges.
What are the social, political and environmental challenges that face the world’s societies?
Class Discussion: Covid-19 and how it has affected the world.
Listening: Song “Volveremos a juntarnos”. Comprehension Quiz
Writing: Compare and contrast essay. Mi vida antes y después del covid -19

Week 8 October 25th –October 29th
Continued Global challenges
• nuestro futuro
• los cambios
• los problemas y las soluciones
Listening: Short Film: “Un pedazo de tierra”
Reading: España: Nueva ola de inmigrantes
Short Story: “Algo muy grave va a suceder en este pueblo” by Gabriel García Márquez

Week 9 Nov 1rst - Nov 5th
(no school 11/02)
November 2nd –November 6th What are the social, political and environmental challenges that face the world’s societies?
Speaking: Conversa con María Laura
Reading: “La vida y los recuerdos”
Writing: My Presidential Nomination Speech

Week 10 November 8th –November 12th
Culminating Project: “Not necessary the News”
Students will work in groups to create and present a project that integrates different topics and tenses. Due date 11/13