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Course Syllabus


Course Name: Design Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) 9th Grade

Instructor: Frank Zimmermann            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1510







Course Outline

Course Syllabus 2020-2021
Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)

Instructor: Mr. Zimmermann
Room: 510
School Phone :816-3888 Ext. 510

Availability: Asynchronously: B, D, F Days Periods 1-5, A, C, E Days Period 6-8
Synchronously: A, C, E Days Periods 1 - 5, B, D, F Days Periods 6-8

Course Overview:
Grade: 9 Exam: local
Reading Level: various Prerequisites: none
40 weeks/5 meetings per week Ė 1 unit offering (yearlong)
May be used for 1-unit Art/Music. Design/Drawing for Production is designed to provide students with an introduction to drafting and computer-aided drafting. This course will enable students to produce working drawings of simple machine parts, schematic diagrams, and three-dimensional detail drawings in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard Drawing Conventions.
In part one; students will receive an introduction to industry and manufacturing processes. Students will become familiar with technical and industrial terms. Students will also develop the skills necessary to perform basic geometric constructions and an understanding of the related mathematical concepts.
Part two of the course will provide students with a working knowledge of AutoCAD computer aided drafting software. Students will learn basic drawing and editing commands needed to produce working drawings using computers and AutoCAD software.
Upon successful completion of this course students will receive one (1) credit toward high school graduation. This course will be the first in the career and technical sequence and satisfies the New York State requirement for art education. Students will also be prepared to enter their junior (Grade 11) career and technical shop classes with a working knowledge of industry and technology.

The class will be divided into the following topics:

Weekly and Special Projects:

Some projects will be completed in a few days or on a weekly type basis; others will be longer term projects that will be graded on progress and completion at specific key points within the completion of the project.

Course Objectives:

1. Solve design problems in a unique, vigorous and creative manner by conceptualizing and visualizing the use of systems which are sequential, logical and temporally ordered.

2. Communicate graphically with accuracy and precision, timelines and responsibility as a means of skills preparation for entry level employment.

3. Experience a wide variety of problems demonstrating competence in traditional and contemporary methods, practices, and technologies appropriate to industry and occupational areas.

4. Evaluate the quality of man-made objects through the application of historical knowledge, technical description and aesthetic judgment.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of environmental, sociologic and economic factors on design.

6. Understand art as being bias free with respect to job marketability.

7. Experience the introduction and integration of computer assisted design and drawing as a means of producing desired results.

8. Demonstrate skills in basic production by using various machines and equipment.

Required Materials:

A folder with two pockets and center tabs is required. Other items required are notebook paper, graph paper pencils, and erasers. It is strongly recommended that each student has a flash drive.

Each student is required to maintain a notebook that will be graded periodically. It should be kept in order of material we cover. Neatness, and organization counts.
15% Test & Quizzes
15% Homework
10% Class Participation

Course Rules/ Policies: Respect/ Attitude/ Work Ethic

All students are expected to be in their seats by the time the bell rings. Tardiness is unacceptable. Any tardiness will affect student grades. Any unexcused absence will be subject to detentions and or parent contact. If you are late more than two times, one point will be deducted from your final average each time.

All homework, projects, and labs will be due on the date specified, and are expected to be completed in a quality manner. Late work will affect the studentís grades by penalizing 10% each day late. Work will not be accepted after five (5) school days past assigned due date and will receive a grade of zero.

If students are absent, it is up to the students to find out what they missed before class begins.

All students have access to their own network drive. Itís recommend that you purchase a flash drive for storing of any computer work, the flash drive can be used in conjunction with another class if desired. Each student should get into the habit of saving their files in both locations (network and flash drive). It is the responsibility of the students to keep their files safe. If your file is left on the screen after you leave and I find it, you will forfeit 5 participation points.

Students must use the hall pass if they desire to go someplace else in the school. Each student must sign-out and state where they are going and then sign back in when they return. Only one student may leave at a time!

Students are to consider these drills as real each time they occur. Students need to be quiet at any and all times of the drill(s) and follow teacherís prompts. If a drill is to occur when you are in the hallway/ restroom, find the closest classroom to where you are and assimilate with them till the drill has concluded.

Basic Technical Drawing 8th Edition Textbook, published by Glencoe (McGraw Hill)



Synchronous Instruction (Quarter 1), the teacher and students are meeting LIVE for periods 1-5 on ACE Days and LIVE for periods for 6-8 on BDF Days. The students are expected to log in though Microsoft Teams link for every LIVE class. The link is posted on Schoology page along with your assignments.

Attendance (Conít)

Asynchronous Instruction (Quarter 1), The students are working independently periods 6-8 ACE days and periods 1-5 BDF Days. The teacher will be having Office Hours and will be live on Microsoft Teams for any additional questions to complete the assignments. The students must sign on to Micro Soft Teams for attendance and wait for teacher to dismiss, all assignments will be on Schoology along with Due Dates.

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