Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global History & Geography 10

Instructor: Alicia Proctor-Szilagyi            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 11:12-11:53         Phone Ext: see contact info in course outline


Grading Policy
During this time of remote learning, grading will be fluid. It will change, should we revert to going back to school, and even that will change depending on the model that is selected by our district.
For all intents and purposes now, your grades will be heavy on participation, and will account for 40% of your grade.
Participation, in the remote model, can include, but not be restricted to the following:

--Contributing verbally to class discussions by raising your hand & unmuting yourself

--Contributing to class by adding a comment/question into the "chat."

--Completing ungraded classwork

Class participation will count for 40% of your term grade.

Other sources of grades include quizzes (20%), tests (30%), homework (10%)

All will ALWAYS be announced ahead of time, but will be subjected to change at any time.



Homework Policy
Homework is to be turned in on the day it is due, with no exceptions. Late homework will not be accepted.



Test Policy
Tests will be announced



Quiz Policy
Quizzes will be announced.




Course Outline
Welcome to Global History and Geography 10- Remote Style

Mrs Alicia Proctor-Szilagyi

Contact Info:
Google Voice/Text: 716-393-9756 (text anytime, but only call during school hours. Thank you.

Per 1: B,D,F days during your class time
Per 6,7,8: A,C,E days during your class time

* I can also be messaged on Schoology

*The Asynchronous class time is your time to complete work assigned out of our Synchronous (LIVE) classes, and to ask for help if needed.

Assignments: ALL of your assignments will be found in Schoology. Please check it often. I will always explain our objectives, verbally go over expectations with our work and assignments, and have a daily plan written for you. Please follow the plan.
In this course, we will cover the following:
Geography Review
Unit 5 Absolutism and Revolution
-Scientific Revolution
-French Revolution
Unit 6 Industrial Age and Empire Building
-Industrial Revolution
-Rise of Democracy
Unit 7 World at War
-World War I
-Russian Revolution
-Rise of Dictators
-World War II
Unit 8 Global Age
-Cold War
-Colonial Independence
-Challenges to Global Security

Grading Policy: In this COVID setting of remote learning, grading will be fluid. You will have graded assignments based on a points percentage out of 100%.
Assignments and Materials: Students will need their district laptop for instruction, internet access, and access to Schoology. All assignments will be posted to Schoology while we are remote learning. Upon a return to a normal classroom setting, supplies will be determined, but not go beyond a writing utensil, notebook and folder, or a binder with loose-leaf paper.

Students are expected to complete and submit work via Schoology as directed. Late assignments are not okay but will be accepted for a lesser point value. If it becomes a habit, we will address this.

Plagiarism or copying your work will result in an automatic grade of a zero. Please keep this in mind.