Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Computer Science 1

Instructor: Mrs. Ziewers            Contact Time: 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 520


Grading Policy

Projects 50%
Classwork/Homework 30%
Tests and Quizzes 20%



Homework Policy
There is not much Homework given in the class, however any missed work is assigned as homework. Also Each Student is required to hand in 2 Articles each Quarter which include a summary, opinion and to present one to the class.



Test Policy
Tests are given as units are concluded. They are generally in the form of writing a program to do all tasks learned in the unit.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes are given as sections are concluded. They are generally in the form of writing a program to do a set task.



Projects Policy

When completing each section or unit, a project is issued. Generally the project contains all new material learned in the unit and various past material. Computer Programming builds on the knowledge of previous units. Therefore students must make up and learn all material they missed if they are absent from class.



Course Outline
Careers in Computer Technology
Career Opportunities, Certifications, College Majors
Professional Standards, Ethics, and Business Practices
Ethics, Expectations, Common IT Practices and Confidentiality
Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems
Types and functions of Internal Systems Software
Start-up Processes and utility programs uses
Identification of Basic PC Terminology & Components
Identify internal components of a Personal Computer
Map to Input, Output and Pathway of data transfer
Microsoft Office Suite Software Applications
Demonstrate and review proficiency using MOS Applications
Introduction to Programming
Object-Oriented Software Languages
Web Design Software (HTML, CSS)
Programming Fundamentals 1
Specifications and Flowcharts
Introduction to Programming
Design Program Solutions, Specify Processing Logic
Universal Programming Structure
Code Alignment and Comments
Variables, Constants and Input
Controlling Programs Flow
Conditionals, Loops, Counting and Summing
Subroutines and Functions
HTML Forms
Objects, Classes
Libraries, Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting, Sorting and Searching
Variable, Number and Boolean Arrays
Programming Fundamentals 2
College and Career Programming Applications
Applying Loops, Counting and Summing to Motor Control
Applying Arrays to Data Gathering
Interactive Debugging Tools
Extended Gaming Program
Applying Programming to Apps