Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: U.S. History

Instructor: Shana Powers            Contact Time: 12:27-1:08 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 511


Grading Policy
Grading Procedure
A total points system will be used for grading.
Grading will be based on classwork CLASSWORK WILL BE GRADED 50% FOR WORKING IN CLASS AND 50% FOR COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT (30%), independent remote work (30%), tests, quizzes, essays, projects (30%), and participation (10%).
Students will earn up to 3 points per day for being prepared in class, participating and following classroom rules. PARTICIPATION POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF RULES AND EXPECTATIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED!



Homework Policy
Late Work Policy: Assignments submitted after the deadline may receive a 10% grade point deduction for each day following the due date and time.
You may request additional time on an assignment by asking prior to the due date.



Test Policy
Students will participate in Schoology assessments.



Quiz Policy
 Students will participate in Schoology quizzes at the conclusion of each unit.



 Each marking period one major project or writing task will be assigned.



Course Outline
This course is a wide-ranging study of the historic development of American ideas and foundations from the revolution to present day. While focusing on social, political and economic history, this course provides students with a basic knowledge of American culture through a chronological investigation of major issues, movements, people and events in the United States.