Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Health

Instructor: Margaret Mogavero            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1612


Grading Policy
Grading Policies:
Homework 20% (Asynchronous)
Tests/Quizzes 40%
Projects 20%
Class Work & Participation 20% (Synchronous)

Projects: One project per quarter. These projects may be in small groups or individual. Class time will be given for projects, but unfinished projects must be completed for homework. Final product produced through Schoology.
Class Work & Participation: Consists of daily journals, surveys, group discussions, pair/shares on Nearpod and Microsoft Teams.



Homework Policy
Homework: Short assignments on Schoology




Quiz Policy
Tests/Quizzes: quizzes and end of unit tests on Schoology.




Course Outline
Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of health and wellness.

Course Goals and Objectives:
At the completion of the course, students will demonstrate:

1. The knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and establish life-long healthy behaviors.
2. Recognize the causes and circumstances behind health risk factors and the
connection to lifestyle choices.
3. Examine and practice specific life skills that promote social, emotional, and physical wellness.
4. Analyze and evaluate media/social influences, health information, and products for validity and reliability.

Course Content:
Abstinence, Personal & Sexual Health
Emotional & Mental Health
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Pregnancy, STD & HIV Prevention (Reducing the Risk)
Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention
Violence & Injury

Synchronous Instruction: Quarter 1 we are meeting LIVE periods 1-5 on ACE Days, and LIVE periods 6-8 on BDF Days. You are expected to log in through our Microsoft Teams link for every LIVE class. The link is posted on our Schoology pages as the first item you see.

Asynchronous Instruction: Quarter 1 we are working independently periods 6-8 on ACE Days, and periods 1-5 BDF Days. Students will be responsible for signing into Microsoft Teams and typing their name in the chat box. Students may also use this time to ask questions regarding independent work as this time is designated for office hours. If a student misses their sign in time they may send a notification to me in Schoology.

5-Week Detailed Syllabus
Week 1: 9/8-9/11
Introduction to Health
Technology troubleshooting
Assignment: Getting to Know You (Schoology) Due: 9/18

Week 2: 9/14-9/18
Review of Rules/Expectations
SEL Lesson 1 Trust
Participation: Nearpod & Chat
Assignment: District Led Questions on Trust (Schoology) Due:9/23

Week 3: 9/21- 9/25
Living a Healthy Life
Lesson 1
Participation: LIVE Nearpod & Chat
Assignment: Worksheet Pg 2/3 Schoology Due: 9/25

Week 4: 9/28-10/2
Health Dimensions
Participation: LIVE Nearpod & Chat
Assignment: Worksheet Schoology Due: 10/2
Week 5: 10/5-10/9
Exploring Emotional Health
Participation: LIVE Nearpod & Chat
Assignment: Survey workbook pg 4/5, pg 6, pg 7/8 Schoology Due: 10/23