Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Global 9 & 10, US History, and Economics

Instructor: Ms. DeCarolis            Contact Time: 8:57-9:38 or 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1509


Grading Policy
Grades for each marking period consist of an average of the following assessments:
1. Notebook (folder)- daily class work - 40%
2. Weekly tests/quizzes - 40%
3. Classroom participation - 20%

Students who are absent will be held responsible for making up any missed class work.

If a due date is given for any assignment (including notebook due date), work will be graded as follows:
Handed in on due date - up to 100%
Handed in one day late - up to 80%
Handed in anytime later - maximum 65%

Notebook grade consists of: table of contents (10 pts.)
organization (10 pts.)
completion/average of classwork (80 pts.)

Class participation will be earned on a daily basis. Student removal from class will result in a 65% average for that marking period. Students can, however, earn back credit for good behavior.
Students are also offered a chance to earn extra credit - 4 pts.



Homework Policy
Homework will be given weekly, usually as a project that needs to be completed and handed in every Friday.



Test Policy
Tests are given weekly.
Vocabulary tests are given on Thursdays.
Chapter or unit tests are given on Tuesdays.

If a student misses a test, it is that students responsibility to make up the test on Friday.



Quiz Policy
See test policy



Given weekly



Course Outline

Unit 1
Introduction to Economics
Unit 2
Economic Systems
Unit 3
American Free Enterprise
Unit 4
How the Market Works
Unit 5
Money, Banking, and Finance
Unit 6
Government & the Economy