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Course Syllabus


Course Name: French 1, 2, 3

Instructor: Ini Obot            Contact Time: 1:12-1:53         Phone Ext: 1343


Grading Policy
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Homework Policy
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Test Policy
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Quiz Policy
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Course Outline
Instructor Information
Phone Number Office Location & Hours

Mrs. Ini Obot (716) 816-3888 #304 Hutchinson Central Technical High School

256 S. Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201

Room #343

Course Outline/Tentative Timeline
This course is designed for students with one year of study of French language and culture. This course will focus on developing the four basic language competencies (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and engaging in the five Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.
This course also supports the Standards for Foreign Language Learning by providing clearly defined objectives, a variety of pair- and group-work activities so that students can use French in a wide range of settings and contexts, and offering culture-related activities and questions that develop students’ insight and encourage them to develop observational and analytical skills.

Course Expectations
Participation is expected in class. This includes completing the assigned work.

This course focuses on Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. We will focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in French. We will thematically study the following units:
1. Review: Personal Identification/Education/Daily Routine/Leisure
2. Physical Environment/Community & Neighborhood
3. Family Life/House and Home
4. Food and Meal Taking
5. Health and Welfare & Current Events
6. Shopping
7. Earning a Living
8. Current Events - Cultural Aspects
9. Travel
10. Social Issues & Current Events

Course Objectives According to the Standards for Foreign Language Learning
• Students will be able to engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions in the target language.
• Students will be able to understand written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
• Students will be able to present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.
• Students will be able to compare and contrast practices, products, and perspectives of the French culture.

Synchronous Instruction: Quarter 1 we are meeting LIVE periods 1-5 on ACE Days, and LIVE periods 6-8 on BDF Days. You are expected to log in through our Microsoft Teams link for every LIVE class.
The link is posted on our Schoology pages as the first item you see.
Asynchronous Instruction: Quarter 1 we are working independently periods 6-8 on ACE Days, and periods 1-5 BDF Days. On Asynchronous Days you will be required to answer the Question of the Day which will be posted on Schoology. The question will only be available during your class period as it is a timed link, so be sure to answer it during your regular class time. Each week there will be a folder with assignments to be completed, with specific due dates attached to each individual assignment. Some assignments will include speaking activities with an audio recording, practice links and flashcards, writing assignment, etc. I will always be available during our asynchronous classes through Microsoft Teams if you need help or have questions.
**Daily attendance is required for optimal success in class.

Homework Policy
You will receive homework 2 to 3 times a week. Homework assignments are 10% of your final grade each quarter. Each assignment is worth 10 points. These assignments will be included in the weekly folders that are posted to Schoology.

It is imperative that while studying language, you must be open to participating in class discussions, activities, and learning experiences. You are expected to speak in the target language as much as possible during class time. This will strengthen your speaking skills and allow you to communicate successfully.

Grading Policy
Your grade will comprise of the following categories:
Homework and Participation 20%
Reading Summative Assessment - 20%
Listening Summative Assessment- 20%
Writing Performance based - 20%
Writing Performance based 20%