Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: English IV

Instructor: Ms. Russo            Contact Time: 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1322


Grading Policy
Essay and Classwork – 30%
Test and Quizzes – 30%
Participation – 25%
Homework – 15%

Weekly Assignments :
- Warm Up Discussion Questions
- Quick Writes on material covered in class
- Literature Quizzes
- Evidence Based: Discussion Questions

Monthly/Quarterly Assessments:

Midunit Essay Assessment-
- Summer Reading Due: September 15, 2021 (Assignment is on
Tech Website)
- Malcolm X-TBA-1st Marking Period
- College Essay-Rough Draft- 1st Marking Period-October-TBA
- Julius Caesar-TBA-2nd Marking Period
- Research Paper Rough Draft- 3rd Marking Period-March-TBA
- A Raisin in The Sun-TBA-4th Marking Period

End of Unit Essay Assessments-
-College Essay Final Draft-November 6th
- Malcom X-December-TBA
-Julius Caesar-April-TBA
- Research PaperDraft-Marking 3rd Period-March (TBA)
-Research Paper Final Draft-April (TBA)
-A Raisin in The Sun-June-(TBA)



Homework Policy



Test Policy



Quiz Policy



30% & Participation-25%



Course Outline
Course Overview:
• students will continue to master the literacy skills and habits below to prepare for future class discussions, assignments, and college/career readiness:

-First Module/Quarter: Unit 1: The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley/ College Essay

-Second Module/Quarter: Unit 1: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

-Third Module/Quarter: Research Paper

-Fourth Module/Quarter: A Raisin in the Sun- Lorraine Hansberry, as well as selected poetry by Langston Hughes.

Rules for 322:
• Be on Time (tardiness will result in detention)
• Be seated quietly and remain seated unless told to do otherwise
• Be full prepared (latop/pen/paper/binder/handouts/homework/planner/etc.)
• Be on task and doing your work at all times
• Raise your hand to speak
• The bell does not dismiss class, I do!
• Be respectful of all!
• No food or drink at any time (water bottle allowed)

Daily Procedures for Room 322:
• Hand in assigned work on correct shelf located on desk in front of classroom
• Take your assigned seat
• Read agenda on white board including objective, module/lesson #
• Begin Warm up Question
• Be prepared to discuss Warm up Question in class
• Listen, ask questions and be prepared to work every day!

Plagiarism is not the same as cooperation or collaboration. I often expect, even encourage, students to work on assignments collectively. This is totally okay.

collaboration is to work together (with permission) in a joint intellectual effort.

Plagiarism is to commit literary theft; to steal and pass off as one’s own ideas or words that are someone else's. When you use someone else’s words, you must put quotation marks around them and give the writer or speaker credit by citing the source. Even if you revise or paraphrase the words of someone else, if you use someone else’s ideas you must give the author credit. Ideas belong to those who create and articulate them. To use someone else’s words or ideas without giving credit to the originator is stealing.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying or giving an assignment to a student to be copied (unless explicitly permitted by the teacher). Cheating also includes using, supplying, or communicating in any way unauthorized materials, including textbooks, calculators, computers or other unauthorized technology, during an exam or project.

Consequences are administered consistent with the District Code of Conduct.

Virtual Learning Procedures: If Schools Close-
• Assignments and materials will be located on Schoology
• All assignments will be submitted on Schoology on due date.
• Read daily agenda posted on Schoology. It will include: Objective/ Module/Lesson #
• Complete warm up question on discussion board while we wait for other students to login to virtual conference.
• Virtual conferences will take place on MS TEAMS. Follow directions to by entering code on Schoology or clicking on a link if posted on Schoology.
• Be prepared to discuss warm up question in class.
• Listen, ask questions and be prepared to work every day!
• Message all questions and concerns on Schoology or email:

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