Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: English 9/10

Instructor: Ms. Fitzpatrick            Contact Time: 1:12-1:53 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1511


Grading Policy
50% In-class instruction/assignments/active participation
25% Homework Assignments that reinforce classroom content
25% Formal assessments to determine mastery of skills



Homework Policy
Homework assignments will relate to classroom concepts and skills and are vital to mastering language skills. Reviewing skills within 8 hours of instruction helps get information into long term memory, therefore homework may often be a 'revisit' or 'review' of a previously taught skill or concept. Other times homework assignments will focus on 'pre-viewing' concepts or materials so that your child is prepared to participate the next day.

Please check your child's planner for assignments daily. We take time in class to make sure accurate information is recorded so that you may support your child at home. All work will be at a level of mastery so that homework will not be a struggle. If you find your child is 'struggling' with understanding the assignment, please jot me a note immediately or call me at 816-3888 x1511
Thank you.



Test Policy
On-going testing is built into the daily program. Good attendance will benefit your child's mastery of the skills taught in class. Thank you for monitoring your child's attendance at school.



Quiz Policy
Regular testing is on-going and built into the daily Language! program. Good attendance is required for mastery of the program.



All projects assigned would be done in class. No outside projects will be assigned in Language!



Course Outline
Language! is a comprehensive literacy program designed to integrate reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary development, grammar,syllabication and word recognition skills. The program is based on current research and utilizes a multi-sensory approach. Active participation is very important in class. The daily pacing of the lessons is quick and involves several different literacy tasks to keep students motivated and engaged. Again, good attendance is essential to success in Language! as the overall goal is to increase your child's reading and writing grade levels and support their IEP goals for mastery.