Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Math Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Instructor: Mrs. Derenberger            Contact Time: 11:42-12:23         Phone Ext: x1321


Grading Policy
Students will be evaluated on a daily basis,receiving a number grade from 0(poor) to 6(excellent).



Homework Policy
There will be no homework assigned in AIS; however, students will have regularly assigned homework given by their Algebra Math teacher. It is very important that students try every homework assignment and make corrections during their Algebra Math class.



Test Policy
Assessment will be based on district initiative software Moby Max Math which is found in the Clever App. Students will take a Pre-Test in the first two weeks of school. Students will be required to complete 45 minutes per week of Moby Max Math. At the end of the year the students are required to a NYS Regents Exam in Algebra 1.



Quiz Policy
Assessment will be based on the students' overall performance, class readiness, participation and productivity.




Course Outline
This class is aligned with the New York State Next Generation Math Standards. The New York State Finish Line Algebra 1 textbook is used. Topics are similar to those covered in the Algebra 1 Math Class, though they may not be covered in the same order or at the same time. This course will also concentrate on problem solving and mathematical reasoning as well as communication, connections, and representation of mathematical concepts.

Module 1: Relationships Between Quantities and Reasoning with Equations, includes 12 lessons.

Module 2: Descriptive Statistics, includes 5 lessons.

Module 3: Linear and Exponential Function, includes 7 lessons.

Module 4: Quadratic Expressions, Equations, and Functions, includes 8 lessons.

Module 5: Modeling with Equations and Functions, includes 3 lessons.

Note: Please be reminded that the students attend AIS Math on a three day letter day cycle out of a six day letter cycle.