Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Economics [Grade 12]

Instructor: Mr. Jakiel            Contact Time: 9:42-10:23 or 12:27-1:08         Phone Ext: 1407


Grading Policy
Grades are given to any assignment deemed a grade producing assignment. There are four categories weighted differently. They are: Class Participation = 30%, Classwork = 20%, Projects = 20%, and Tests = 30%.

Extra credit may be given from time to time. Students may request an extra credit assignment to help them with their averages, if necessary.



Homework Policy
Homework is usually the byproduct of work not completed in class time and sometimes assigned to supplement classwork. Homework is expected to be complete at a time set by the teacher. Late work IS accepted, however a student may not receive full credit if extremely past an assignment's due date. Any work handed in during the last week of the marking period will be worth half of its assigned value.



Test Policy
Tests will be given throughout each Marking Period based on course content.

Students must arrange a proper time to make up the test with the teacher, it will not be given during class time.

Schoology testing is a possible option, but would be an alternate test of the same content.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of when tests are given. Tests are announced at least a week in advance and are listed on the assignment board.

The lowest test grade may or may not be dropped at the end of each marking period. Student behavior will determine whether a grade is dropped or not.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes may be given from time to time, especially when it appears as though the majority of students have not done the required reading. Quizzes do not need to be announced.

There are no make-ups for missed quizzes—unless lengthy illness or other prolonged absence from school. In the event that a doctor's excuse is given, an alternate assignment may be given in place of the missing quiz.



Projects may be given during each marking period.

No late projects will be accepted—unless extenuating circumstances, like prolonged illness that may prevent the work from being handed in on time. Otherwise late papers lose 10 points each day that they are late (excluding weekend days).

Project due dates will be listed on the assignment board.



Course Outline
Unit 1: Introduction to Economics

Chapter 1: What is Economics?

Chapter 2: Economic Systems

Chapter 8: Business Organizations


Unit 2: How Markets Work

Chapter 4: Demand

Chapter 5: Supply

Chapter 6: Prices

Chapter 7: Market Structures

Unit 3: Money, Banking, and Finance

Chapter 10: Money and Banking

Chapter 11: Financial Markets


Unit 4: Measuring Economic Performance

Chapter 12: Gross Domestic Product and Growth

Chapter 13: Economic Challenges

Unit 5: Government and the Economy

Chapter 14: Taxes and Government Spending

Chapter 15: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 16: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy