Hutchinson Central Technical High School

Course Syllabus


Course Name: Spanish 3

Instructor: Ms. Soto-Krueger            Contact Time: 8:12-8:53 or 1:57-2:40         Phone Ext: 1303


Grading Policy
Grading Policy:
Warm Up/Participation: 10%
Writing/Performance Based: 30%
Speaking/Formative Assessment: 20%
Reading/Summative: 20%
Listening/Summative: 20%



Homework Policy
Homework: Students will be assigned work almost every day. Graded assignments consist of workbook pages, worksheets, reading assignments etc. Additionally, students should study vocabulary words for the unit and review grammar as to meet their individual needs. If turned in after due date, the assignment will not receive full credit.

Make-up work: During remote learning all the assignments will be posted and submitted on Schoology. Be aware that assignments are posted with a due date and may not be available after that date. If you are facing any difficulties, speak to me as soon as possible.

Class Participation: Speaking is an integral part of learning a foreign language. Although we are in the beginning levels of instruction, students will be expected to use Spanish in class as much as possible. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers, so don’t be shy! A positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and being prepared are also important parts of your class participation grade. Student success is a direct correlation between good attendance and good grades. Students are expected to be present and participate each day.

Tutoring/Extra Help: Students who were absent, struggling with the material presented in class, or who want more practice may contact me during office hours. I will not tutor students who are not making a reasonable effort in class.



Test Policy
Tests: A test will be given at the end of each unit. Tests will have a variety of formats including any combination of written, listening, and oral assessment. Oral presentations, written compositions, and/or research projects may also be assigned for a quiz or test grade.



Quiz Policy
Quizzes: In order to assess how you are progressing, quizzes will be given frequently on material that has been covered in class. Remember, proper preparation prevents a poor performance. Quizzes are ALWAYS announced.




Course Outline
Syllabus Spanish III-1st Marking Period/Sept 8th –Nov 13th (Tentative Schedule)
Week 1
September 8th -September 11th My name/My Identity/Technology Practice
a. Class Discussion on Schoology: What impact does it have in a person’s life to be called the wrong name? Due: 09/11/2020
b. Watch the video Getting it right; why pronouncing names correctly matters. Take the quiz “Mi nombre es Gerardo” Due 09/14/2020

Week 2
September 14th –September 18th My name/My Identity:
a. Read My Own True Name Text
b. Watch –Do Names Matter? video
c. Answer My name, My identity –vocabulary quiz Due 09/14/2020
d. Answer the Discussion –what types of impact do our names have on us? Due 09/15/2020
La tecnología en la clase de español.
a. Practice the vocabulary on Quizlet. Take the test and Submit your score Due 09/18/2020

Week 3 September 21st_ September 25th
Topic: La tecnología en la clase de español. Review
Presentations /Group work. Students will be randomly assigned one of the following topics to present to the class:
1. Why is it important to speak a FL? Where is Spanish spoken?/ How many people speak Spanish?
2. Who are famous people that speak Spanish?
Be ready to present by 09/23/2020
Presentations will be done in class 09/23-09/25

Week 4
September 28th _October 2nd Review: Personal Identification. (Names and Introductions/Getting to know someone/School life/Leisure, Hobbies &Sports)
Speaking: All about me. Audio recording Due 09/29/2020
Reading: ¿Cómo son los chicos? Due 09/30/2020
Listening: Live Class
Writing: 10/01/2020
Assessment 1: Unit Test. Due 10/02/2020

Week 5 October 5th – October 9th
Review: Daily Routine/Reflexive Verbs
-Practice DUE 10/06/2020
- Listening Practice (LIVE CLASS) 10/07/2020
- Speaking Questions Audio Recording DUE 10/09/2020
- Writing Assignment #2 DUE 10/09/2020
Week 6 October 13th –October 16th
Physical Environment/Community and Neighborhood
-Review: Past tense. Talk about your last vacation.
-Talk about what outdoors activities you prefer and why
Vocabulary Test Due 10/15/2020
Speaking. Places you like to visit in your community and why. Due 10/15/2020
Listening: A camping trip. Live on 10/16/2020
Writing: Write about your favorite vacations or a camping trip. Due 10/16/2020

Week 7 October 19th –October 23rd
Physical Environment/Community and Neighborhood
-The outdoors/Camping Vocabulary quiz 10/19/2020
-Speaking: talk about what you do on the weekends; what sports you practice Due 10/20/2020
-Writing. Reply to a text message from a friend who wants to visit Buffalo Due 10/23/2020

Week 8 October 26th –October 30th
Physical Environment/Community and Neighborhood
Review. Weather/climate vocabulary; local stores and facilities; mode of transportations
- What do you like/dislike about your community?
Writing: Create a tourist guide to Buffalo, New York. Due 10/30

Week 9 November 2nd –November 6th
Family Life/House and Home
∙ Who are the members of your family? ∙ What is your family like? ∙ What activities does your family enjoy doing together? ∙ What activities does your family enjoy in your neighborhood?
Speaking: Introduce and describe your family members. Due 11/06/2020

Week 10 November 9th –November 13th
Family Life/House and Home
Review: Where do you live? ∙ What does your house, apartment or condo look like? ∙ What are your household responsibilities? ∙ What chores or household responsibilities do you prefer and why?
Assessment: Presentational Speaking: video or voice recordings of students introducing their family and home life. Due 11/13/2020

Contact information:
School phone: 816-3888 ext. 303
Office Hours: Conducted through Teams on A, C, E days. Find the link on Schoology. Period 6 (12:44-1:28) and Period 7 (1:32-2:16)
Schoology: Send me a message through Schoology (click on the envelope on the top right side of your screen; click on New Message)