The curriculum now related to the Unit Technical Courses; Industrial Chemistry Machine Design, Engineering College Preparatory, Electrical, Commercial Art and Building Design and Construction… In the Spring a series of entrance tests were to developed so as tot select the most suitable eighth grade applicants; this idea continues to the present day…The library and the school began to benefit from the energetic attention of Anna Halloran, Librarian.


1925-19261925 Kappa Sigma Phi Honor Fraternity

Since December 1906, the Techtonian had been published four times a year; it now changed into a June yearbook number while the Techtonian Junior was published monthly for 5 cents.  The yearbook would cost 50 cents with many photographs, a heavy cover and ads...There were eight periods in the day, unless you had to spend a ninth hour in "the jug" with Mr. Costello.



The first Honor Roll Assembly was held in October when 118 students received honor pins...In June, Mr. Charles Costello, assistant principal for 12 years, left to become the first principal of new East High School.  Mr. Raszeja went with him.



The new assistant principal was Mr. Richard Dry and the new music teacher was Mr. Kenneth Wells...Other newcomers included Arthur Hessinger, Howard Schwenk and Homer Brooks.



Due to crowding, girls would no longer be admitted, the last five graduating in 1938...A fifth year of study for postgraduates was organized... After nineteen years as principal and six previous as science teacher here, David H. Childs retired in June.



Principal Richard R DryRichard R. Dry became Principal and C. Gordan Ryther Assistant Principal.







Mr. Norman Vester '18 became the music director with fifty students in orchestra and sixty in the band.  Tech's music would be heard and appreciated not only at school but on tours and at evening concerts.



A new teacher for mathematics appeared: Ernest Zeferjahn... Among the graduates were William R. Trautman '39 and Leeland N. Jones '39.  William was the first recipient of the Dr. Daniel Upton Memorial Award.